On the occasion of the 2550th Buddha Jayanti in 2006, two hundred and fifty Theravadin monks from Sri Lanka, Myanmar, India, Thailand, Cambodia, India and Bangladesh gathered to chant the Tipitaka under the Bodhi Tree. This historic event marked the first time in 700 years that the international Theravadin sangha chanted the Buddha word together at the place of enlightenment. The Abbots of Bodhgaya called a council and agreed to hold the Chanting Ceremony annually in order to promote the development of the Buddha Sasana in India, the Theravadin school in general, and peace for all the world. The International Tipitaka Chanting Council now organizes the event annually. The next ceremony will be held from December 2nd - 12th 2013. May the merit from this chanting ceremony be dedicated to all sentient beings! 


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